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Louisiana Iris Rhizomes For Sale

Why do growers only ship in the fall?

Perhaps the most common question I receive during ordering season is "Can you ship my iris now?".
The answer will always be "We ship in the fall only", and there is a reason for this shipping rule.

The growth cycle of Louisiana Irises is somewhat different than most plants. The bloom season for these irises begins in early spring, followed by a dormant cycle when summer begins to heat up. The irises remain dormant until the temperature begins to drop again in the fall. At that time, they break dormancy and begin new root growth. This is the perfect time to divide and replant, allowing the iris time to establish roots in their new beds before winter sets in. Louisiana iris need well-establsihed root systems to support growth and bloom in spring. Dividing during spring interrupts the bloom cycle and may shock the plant. Digging right after bloom puts great stress on the rhizome, as it goes dormant after bloom. The rhizome will not grow any new roots until fall, so you run the risk of losing the plant altogether.

We, as a grower, want you to receive the strongest and healthiest plant we have to offer. For this reason, we will only ship at the perfect time for you to succeed with your plants, which is the fall. If you need to have your plants in the spring, we suggest that you locate a Retail Nursery that sells potted iris and plant them without disturbing the roots.

Thanks, Cindy

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